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Article Comodo EV SSL Configuration
Extended Validation process You will need to provide two documents to Comodo certification center, in order to pass Extended validation process....
Views: 1168
Article Server went to read-only filesystem
Issue server went to read-only file system and on reboot it gives as follows:vzctl start 195Starting container…Opening delta...
Views: 251
Article S.M.A.R.T (smartctl) commands and test
Installation of Smartcl in Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install smartmontools Installation of Smartcl in Redhat / CentOS # yum install smartmontools...
Views: 64
Article How to: Replacing a failed drive in a Linux Software RAID1 configuration (mdraid)
Scenario: A drive has failed in your linux RAID1 configuration and you need to replace it. Solution: Use mdadm to fail the drive partition(s)...
Views: 63
Article Check disk details
lsblk -o name,label,size,fstype,mountpoint,modefdisk -l
Views: 48

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